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Pluto is located at five sites:

  • Dubbo Visitor Information Centre, Newell Highway
  • 6km south of Birriwa (roadside Rest Area), Castlereagh Highway north of Gulgong
  • Rotary Park, Golden Highway, (main Street) Merriwa
  • Rest Area opposite Tamworth Airport
  • Sugar’s Park, Newell Highway, Bellata

In our model, Pluto is located up to 205 kilometres from the telescope dome (the Sun). In the real Solar System, Pluto is 5955 million kilometres from the Sun!

Discovered in 1930 by an American astronomer, Pluto was named after the Roman god of the underworld by an 11 year old English schoolgirl.  Once thought of as the most distant planet from the Sun, tiny Pluto actually cuts inside Neptune's path for 20 years of its 248-year orbit.  This next occurs in September 2226.  Pluto, a rocky icy object, is smaller than Earth’s Moon and it would fit between Perth and Sydney. In recent years more distant objects larger than Pluto have been discovered orbiting the Sun in the so called Kuiper Belt.  Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet in August 2006, and is now considered to be a member of the Kuiper Belt.


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